Félix Péault
Senior Digital Designer & Art Director


Totems is a Parisian studio specialized in the showcasing of high jewellery collections from great luxury houses, and the basing of art objects for museums.

  • Art Direction, UX/UI Design, 3D
Front-End Dev.
Homepage intro
Homepage intro
About section
About section
Project steps section
Project steps section

Elegance and mystery

Each support is intrinsically hidden behind the art piece it's showcasing, therefore the design leads itself towards being mysterious and elegant. As the studio works with luxury brands, it requires a certain level of refinement which is represented throughout the website.

Homepage introduction
Projects steps section

Recreating unique shapes with 3D

Due to the confidentiality and prestige of the collections and that the nature of the work is quite manual, photos are very limited. Therefore the decision to recreate some of the supports in 3D came naturally to me as I could easily change their angle and lighting.

Totems stand 1
Totems stand 2
Totems stand 3
Totems stand 4

A smooth experience

We introduced smooth animations and scrolling, including subtle parallax effects to replicate the sensation of depth and finesse that the work of Totems represents.