Félix Péault
Senior Digital Designer & Art Director
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Pianity is boldly transitioning the music industry into the world of NFTs, allowing artists to create scarcity from their work and generate a new revenue, while offering fans to grow their music collection and invest.
  • Art Direction, UX/UI
Landing page
Landing page
Track page
Track page
Mobile menu Homepage ownership section Gallery page

Groundbreaking NFT music platform

Pianity separates the music tracks into a Gallery to let you explore the music and to a Market page where you can quickly buy and view each track, edition and information.

Gallery page
Tracks gallery
Market page
Market page
Mobile track page Mobile market page Mobile wallet

An accessible buying experience

Whether you want to buy or bid on a track using your credit card or cryptocurrency, the buying tunnel allows you to do so in one window whilst keeping an eye on all the track’s information.

Buy with card
Buy a track with credit card
Bid with crypto
Bid on a track with cryptos

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