Félix Péault
Senior Digital Designer & Art Director
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1.618 Paris Guide

The luxury and sustainable agency 1.618 Paris released an interactive and immersive guide to showcase the brands they represent, explaining their values and the people behind each project and cause.
  • Art Direction, UX/UI, Interactive Design
Interactive criteria
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An immersive gallery

Joseph Azar created an engaging and creative 3D gallery that allows the user to explore the different brands available on the guide. It also offers a more classic viewing option to quickly explore via a list of all the brands or sectors of activity.

Gallery page

An interactive experience

The website is built around a lot of story telling and is based on natural and mathematical inspired elements (PI, golden number, rhizome, etc). Each section showcases the core ethics of 1.618 Paris and its range of brands in an interactive and animated experience.

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Each brand is truly unique

Each brand presented in the guide has its own page reflecting their unique universe, illustrated with images that progressively reveal the products from a natural perspective to the brand’s identity and finally to the key products.

Brand page

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