Piscine Molitor

The project
Diploma project, Graphic design

As part of my BTS in visual communication, I based my diploma project on the rehabilitation of Piscine Molitor. The intention was to inform passers-by and residents about the future of this legendary 60 years old Parisian swimming pool that many have enjoyed.

A historic and popular pool

The Piscine Molitor was built in 1929 by Lucien Pollet and is a legendary example of the Art Déco style (Style Paquebot). Composed of two basins, one for winter and one in the open air, the pool attracted many people in Summer.

The Piscine Molitor's Winter basin in the 1930’s The abandoned winter basin in 2011, during the french Heritage Days Chill area with an abandoned sofa, between the Winter and the Summer basins

An ambitious architectural project

After twenty years of abandonment due to unprofitability, several rehabilitation projects were launched in the 90’s. Three projects were selected by the city of Paris in 2007 but only one was approved in 2008 where construction will begin in 2012.
The project provides a complete rehabilitation of the site by incorporating a hotel complex, a health center, conference rooms and two restaurants including a healthy one. On-going work should be completed in early 2014.

molitor project

A lettering font for the pool

Creation of a lettering based on pool tiles. Art Déco style and pool's waterlines reflects a modular and geometric typography.

first panel title lettering-1 lettering-2 lettering-3

Seven panels to inform

Creation of 7 signs alerting passersbys to on-going construction. A panel introduces the construction, two relates about the history of the pool, two shows its abandoned state and the last panels presents the projected rehabilitation. Measuring 5m x 2.5m, the panels were designed to be seen from afar.

Rollover a panel to see it

panel1 panel2 panel3 panel4 panel5 panel6 panel7
photo-situ1 photo-situ2


Stopmotion made in 2012 in the beginning of my project to keep a memory of the abandoned building just before its demolition.

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