French Minister of Culture

The project
Art direction, Motion design

Development of the brand identity of CBlog, the French Ministry of Culture blog about culture and digital technology in society. In collaboration with Emmanuel Cruellas.

Animated illustrations

Creation of animated pictograms illustrating the different projects of CBlog.

Rollover on images to run the magic

twitter bird animation
sun comments city like points screen

Presenting the blog

Art direction for the CBlog teaser. This 40 seconds video quickly explains the challenges and the goals of the blog. Participation in the animation of some elements (as you can see above). Motion animation done by Hugo El Koubi.

Infographics time!

Creation of an infographic to present goals and projects of CBlog.

cblog infography

French public domain calculator

Creation of some pictograms illustrating the French public domain calculator.

easel book controller sculpture bulb institution music comment code clock

Please turn your device to the beautiful
and holy landscape mode!